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10 SEO rules to optimize your online store

How to SEO-optimize your online store? SEO is understood as a series of actions that are aimed at increasing traffic. Search engines like websites with optimization more, all websites in the TOP have been optimized. What’s included in SEO?

SEO domain

Keywords are words like “buy an apartment.” They are used by a person when he is looking for what is needed in the search. Keywords are required for use on the website and particular in the domain. Therefore, if you have a good domain name for your website, it’s good for SEO.

Design optimization

To increase sales, you can hire a designer who will improve the selling qualities of each page. In addition to beauty, the website should have SEO elements. For example, it is better to make the website’s menu items textual and accompany each picture with a description. Then search engines will better understand your website.

Optimization of speed

Optimization of speed

Fast websites are becoming more and more popular. There is even a rule of three seconds: an Internet resource should open faster than 3 seconds. Suppose your website does not fit into this framework. In that case, you should think about optimization and ordering a service to boost the uploading speed of your website.

Expert quality content

It would be best if you strived to ensure that the content contains original ideas. It’s good if a copywriter and an industry expert write the articles for the website. For example, an experienced electrician writes about the repair of the electrical network. If you don’t have an expert, take information from the forums. It is necessary to write unique articles because only deep knowledge will help you get to the TOP pages of the search engine.

Optimal content length

The Internet is growing every year, every day. The optimal content length is also increasing. Previously, articles with five hundred characters occupied the TOP positions in search engines. Now the optimal size of the article is from 2 to 5 thousand characters. Since the volumes are large, you need to manage the text wisely. Content needs to be divided into theoretical and causal, feedback and advice, rare cases, and additional information. Try to move from the main to the secondary. So that from the first seconds, the reader is drawn into reading the article. He should get an answer at the very beginning. This principle is called the “inverted pyramid.”

Optimization of the text

Before writing an article, you need to plan your keywords. You can do this for free with Google services. Choosing keywords for the text is not enough. Modern SEO includes professional copywriting. Therefore, we are looking for thematic words, for example, “bow” and “arrows” - keywords of the same theme. Next comes the writing of the text and its SEO optimization. Keywords are added to various places in the text. Keywords should be evenly spaced throughout the text. But don’t turn the article into search engine spam - the academic nausea of the text should be as less as possible.

Optimization of meta tags

Meta tags are the part of the page that only search engines see. The Meta Title tag should contain the article’s title, and the Description should contain a two-sentence description. Each meta tag needs to include a keyword to show the search engine that the page is relevant to the search query.

SMM promotion

SMM promotion

SMM is social media promotion. SMM is the best ally for SEO since referrals from social networks are a big plus to the website’s karma in the eyes of a search engine. SMM begins with the creation of a group on a social network. Further, the news is posted in it - announcements of new articles with links. The created group also needs to be promoted.

External promotion

As a rule, first place in the search engine is achieved through cash injections. Only money is paid not directly to the search engine but to other people’s websites for placing links. Use perpetual links only, not rental ones. On link exchanges, choose donor websites with significant age and good ranks in the search engines.

Dealing with behavioral factors

When Google Analytics is connected to the website, it becomes possible to track users. Use the Heatmaps tool as a hidden camera. If there are many refusals, trace where the reading of the article is interrupted for a particular user. Most likely, the problem is that you need not delay with the answer. Always put a short answer to a question in the first paragraph.

SEO doesn’t work right away. You need to wait 4-6 months for the search engine to conclude your website. You need to be patient with SEO to promote any website. Buy links 3 per week and work on increasing the semantic core. Expand topics entirely in a large volume. Then you will be successful in SEO promotion.

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