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Order the creation of a website for a company in Miami Florida
A company website is a way to attract potential buyers for your product or service over the Internet. With the help of the site, you will be able to increase your customer base and suppliers. Increase customer confidence with detailed information about your products or services. Automate the process of communicating with clients while saving on renting premises or advertising. Web studio "WebStudioShop" invites you to develop a company website in Miami, Florida, at a bargain price with a quality guarantee.
Let's make a website for a company
Our web studio is a staff of professional developers and specialists in website promotion in search results with extensive experience. There are no impossible tasks for us. We are ready to complete the creation of a turnkey website of any complexity in a short time with a guarantee of the quality of the work performed. It would help if you did not entrust this work to inexperienced freelancers.
Make a website for a company
To make a website for a company with high quality and without errors in the code (which affect its further promotion in search), you need specialized knowledge and constant professional development. To order a website for the organization, fill out the feedback form or contact us in any way convenient for you.
Small and Medium Businesses
Small and Medium Businesses
Services Business
Services Business
Get a seo traffic
Get a seo traffic
For new business
For new business
Why clients select us?
Our company was chosen as an executor and reliable partner of more than 26 companies in 2020. More than 90% of our customers become permanent and order refinement, development, and promotion from us on an ongoing basis.
Using a modern technology
a modern technology
In our work, we use modern ones that ensure stable and fast operation of your site
Basic work guarantee
work guarantee
All works performed are guaranteed, which is specified in the contract. On average, it is 6-12 months.
Flexible and profitable discount system
Flexible and profitable
discount system
We provide good work discounts for our regular customers. We are aimed at long-term cooperation
Solving non-standard tasks
Solving non-standard tasks
We are ready to solve any, even the most common, problem. We like to solve and come up with optimal solutions in projects.
How we create a website
Prices and deadlines for developing sites are formed based on the tasks that need to be implemented on the future website. To find out the exact cost of developing the site, contact us or leave a request for feedback. We will prepare a commercial offer for you and send it to the mail within 24 hours of receipt of the application.
Discussing Details
We will talk with you about the specifics of the new project, discuss the development details, cost and timing.
Create a contract
We send the prepared contract and terms of reference, then exchange seals and signatures.
Draw a design
We draw a unique design and interfaces for the new site. We make edits and wishes.
Developing functional
We make a complete site from the drawing, connect the control system and other functionality.
Fill in the project
We create internal pages, fill them with texts and pictures simultaneously optimizing.
Testing the work
We check the functionality using a stress test and independent testers, right the bugs.
Send to Release
We place the site on the main domain and combat hosting, open indexing and access for everyone.
Our portfolio
Want to order website development but afraid of getting bad results? The “WebStudioShop” professional web studio guarantees you the quality execution of all kinds of services in developing and promoting websites for a reasonable price. When collaborating with us, you can be sure of the quality of our work. We work strictly according to the contract and terms of technical documentation. You can be sure of the professionalism of our web specialists.
Corporative website for Construction Guide
e-Commerce online Store MYVY Beauty Lab
e-Commerce online store Wooden Pins
SEO website promotion
Website promotion using SEO tools allows you to promote your website to the TOP of search results and increase the number of potential customers who go to your website from search results. Having the necessary knowledge of website promotion allows our web studio to promote almost all online pages. We guarantee fast order fulfillment and adequate cost of services. To find out the prices for website promotion in Miami, call us or leave a request for feedback and we will tell you in detail about all stages of promotion.
Seo website promotion
Seo website promotion
Complex SEO of your website for up to first position in the search system. Technical and Content support 24/7.
  • We guarantee the result
  • We lead the website to the TOP
  • SEO optimizing
  • We send reports on our work
  • We offer new ideas
  • We control the maintenance of your website
  • Working by contract
  • Results after one month
starting at $500 / 30 days
Order a website promotion
Complex SEO for website
Complex SEO for website
All necessary services for up maximal position in Google and other searching systems. Adding to catalogs database.
  • Promote to Bing
  • Promote to Google
  • Set up Bing. Ads
  • Set up Google Ads
  • We SEO optimize the website
  • We conduct a free audit
  • Make monthly reports
  • Constantly working on your website
starting at $300 / 30 days
Get complex SEO
1st positions in Google
1st positions in Google
Seo optimization, creating positive behavioral factor and other services for up your website to 1th positions in Miami, Florida.
  • To the TOP of the search engines
  • We work with any websites
  • Your website will be on the first page
  • Promotion on Bing and Google
  • Low promotion prices
  • Monthly reports
  • Guarantee of TOP
  • Promotion by White Methods
starting at $200 / 30 days
Get 1st positions
Frequently Asked Questions
For your convenience, we have prepared answers to the most common questions. If you do not find the answer you need, please get in touch with us for advice!
How to do an order in our company?
To begin work, we need to discuss the details of the future project, agree on the price and timing. Then we conclude a contract and draw up a technical assignment, after which we begin work on your project.
What is needed to conclude a contract?
We will need information about your company to conclude a contract. For individuals, data is required. We do not require you to provide scans and copies. Just fill out the questionnaire in your words.
What site management systems do we work on?
We develop websites on WordPress, October (Winter) CMS, or Shopify. In addition, we work with OpenCart different versions.
How do I determine the cost and timing of development?
The cost of development depends on many factors. We have package solutions for the development and promotion of sites. You can focus on the prices presented on our website. For a more accurate calculation, you need to fill in the brief and send it to us for a detailed total.
Can I make design edits during the design phase?
Creating a site is a creative process that cannot be imagined without changes and improvements. We do not limit you to edits during the development process. However, we respect our work and time spent, so we will have to pay extra for functionality beyond the contract.
Will the site be adapted to a mobile phone and tablet?
Yes, we use modern adaptive layout technologies that allow you to create sites that correctly display on all types of devices without uploading mobile versions and other dubious solutions.
Are you promoting websites?
Yes, you can order in our web studio promotion site in search engines in organic output. Or take advantage of commercial search engine offers and set up advertising companies for your site. We work once or permanently based on monthly payments.
What guarantees do we give to our work?
The terms of the guarantee are specified in the contract and are individual for each project. The minimum warranty for work is at least 30 calendar days from the release date and, on average, 12 months.

Creating website for company in Miami

Nowadays, not a single business can survive without the company website. Organizations of all spheres need websites, and each large company today has its own Internet representative office. A professionally created website is the way to find new horizons for your business. It represents your company on the Internet and encourages visitors to action, increasing sales and improve contribution to the company’s image.

The indisputable advantage of having your own website is the ability to run advertisements on the Internet to attract targeted customers.

With us, you can order the company’s official website, create an online store, or develop a website for your business. We will carry out all the work in compliance with all web development standards and deliver the finished project on time. If you want to create an official website for the company but do not know where to start, contact us, and we will answer all of your questions.

How much does it cost to create website

The development of a website for a company in the DEV Florida web studio will cost you starting at $1000. This price includes:

Company website creation price may change, depending on the tasks that need to be implemented in the future project. To order the creation of a website, contact us by phone or e-mail. To know a specific list of tasks that need to be implemented, fill out the form and attach a file with your Terms of Reference. We will process it and get back to you within 1 business day.

Order website development for your company in DEV Florida web studio and get a quality product that will promote your business on the Internet. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can create a website of any complexity in the shortest possible time with a quality guarantee. In the “Portfolio” section, you can see examples of websites produced by our company specialists or request a complete site development portfolio through the contact form.

A website for a company is an excellent tool for promoting a business and attracting new customers. It is suitable for large companies and individuals or small organizations who want to communicate about themselves and their services on the Internet. Prices for creating a website for a company can vary depending on the development’s complexity, both upward and downward. To find out the exact cost of developing a company website, contact us or fill out our website’s contact form. After receiving the application, our specialists will get acquainted with your wishes and send you a detailed commercial proposal for your site’s development.

Buy an already created website with positions

No time to wait, but urgently need a website? DEV Florida web studio offers you an excellent solution to your problem – buy a company website in Florida. We have a catalog of ready-made websites with history and positions in the search engines you can buy. It is very convenient because it is an excellent saving of time, effort and money.

You don’t have to come up with a color scheme for a layout, search for images for your website or write unique texts – you get a site ready to launch right now. You can fully redeem the finished site and become its full copyright holder. To buy a ready-made website, contact us by phone or e-mail, and we will answer all your questions.

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