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Modern website promotion in Google

Any modern SEO-master, both a beginner and an experienced one, is in constant fear that the search engine will change the work algorithm at any moment. As a result, many optimization works will lose their relevance and will be completely wasted. In general, website promotion on the Internet will not be as clear and straightforward as before introducing the new algorithm. The trend of recent years shows that most search engines are constantly improving their mechanisms and are not going to stop it.

Requirements for mobile compatibility

Due to the widespread use of gadgets to visit the Internet, the Google search engine has new requirements. Mobile compatibility now affects ranking. Priority is also given to those resources with a high-quality mobile version of the website, allowing you to display content in a user-friendly form on any mobile device.

If a resource does not have such compatibility, its position in the search engine will be low. The promotion of such a website to the TOP list in the search engine will be ineffective. Google justifies such changes in the algorithm because the number of requests made from mobile devices is growing significantly. More than 30% of users are looking for the information they need from smartphones or tablets. For this reason, there is a new "mobile" change in the algorithms of the Google search engine.

What to do to maintain your position

What to do to maintain your position

There is no need to panic since most modern websites do not have a mobile version. The existing design option is not always displayed correctly on the screens of gadgets. About 70% of American resources do not have a mobile version.

To solve the problem, the webmaster needs to build it and make the website to be competitive. It is necessary to achieve a standard display of the web resource on a mobile device.

Not to lose their position in the search engines, web developers need to transform their websites and make them compatible with modern gadgets. The criteria for mobile compatibility of web resources by the administration of the Google search engine were clearly defined:

  • The font should be such that it is easy to read, even on the small screen of a mobile device. The user should not need to enlarge the page to view it.
  • Graphics, images, videos should also be adapted for displaying on the screen without additional zooming and scrolling.
  • The website's design as a whole should adapt as quickly as possible to the dimensions of the mobile device on which the web resource is opened.
  • There must be sufficient space between the individual links so that the user can select them without error.
  • It is not recommended to use Flash elements, as they are displayed incorrectly on the screens of mobile devices.

It turns out that website promotion, even with new mobile requirements, is not a difficult task. If you correctly create a resource from scratch or make adjustments on time, there should be no problems with ranking. Website transformation will help acquire a large clientele. Mobile device users will not scroll through an incorrectly loaded website but will find a more convenient web resource.

Website transformation will help acquire a large clientele. Mobile device users will not scroll through an incorrectly loaded website but will find a more convenient web resource.

Useful tool

Useful tool

Google announced changes in the algorithm and new ranking criteria and offered SEO-masters a helpful tool. With its help, it will be possible to quickly and competently determine compatibility with mobile devices. Suppose it is not possible to engage in promoting your web resource independently. Our web studio specialists could be involved in promotion and optimization in this case. They will competently select the right strategy and draw up an action plan so that the upgrade and promotion of your website go quickly.

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